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Macy's 150th Birthday Celebration - Arrivals

Sesame Street Characters Replace Beastie Boys in “Sabotage” Video

(Photo Cred: Prphotos.com) The internet is a crazy place! Sometimes it can be downright awful, and then there are times, where it is the best thing in the world, mainly for things like this! For some reason, decided to replace the Beastie Boys in Sabotage with characters from Sesame Street. Big Bird, Grover, Bert &…MORE


A Dog Friendly Movie Theater?

Photo by Mark Zamora on Unsplash   I know my wife feels super guilty whenever we go somewhere without our little beagle Gunther. She even feels bad about going out to see a movie and leaving him alone too long. Well if we lived in Plano, Texas, this wouldn’t be a problem because they have a movie theater…MORE


Black Mirror Returns Next Month And Season 5 Looks GOOD

Photo by Charles 🇵🇭 on Unsplash Game of Thrones only has one episode left, what are you going to watch after that?. Fortunately you won’t have to wait to long to binge the next season of Black Mirror. The hit series will return to Netflix early next month, June 5th, so just a few weeks after GoT is…MORE


Game Of Thrones Oreos Are Coming And They Made The Title Sequence With Oreo Cookies

Photo by Gabriela Rodríguez on Unsplash   Unless you live under a rock, you are well aware that the HBO show Game Of Thrones returns for a final season in about a week and a half! That’s exciting enough already, but wait there’s more! Coming this Monday, Game Of Thrones Oreo cookies!!! Will they taste like regular Oreo…MORE


TacoFest Is Coming To The Lehigh Valley!!!

Photo by Taiana Martinez on Unsplash   Who doesn’t love tacos, right? It’s one of (if not THE BEST) foods ever created and this June, the Lehigh Valley will celebrate TacoFest at SteelStacks! According the organization’s website, there will be several different food trucks serving their best taco creations on Sunday June 9th from 1 PM – 7…MORE

"Multiple" ("Split") Madrid Photocall

James McAvoy Attempts Philly Accent On “SNL” And It Doesn’t Suck

(Photo Cred: Prphotos.com) I studied dialects and accents in college, and I’m pretty good at some of them, but I don’t even attempt to try the Philly accent. In my opinion it is one of the most difficult to nail because it so nuanced, but I actually think actor James McAvoy does a pretty good…MORE


How Did Jon Dorenbos Do This Magic Trick?! [WATCH]

(Photo by Farhan Siddicq on Unsplash)   Being in an area full of Philly fans, you may have heard of Jon Dorenbos, the former long snapper for the Eagles. His story is a good one for sure. Unfortunately Jon is no longer physically able or allowed to play football, but he has a new passion, MAGIC! He’s good…MORE


Dude Live Tweets Stepsons Awkward Morning After One-Night Stand

(Photo Cred: freestocks.org on Unsplash) Social media has changed a lot of things, including parenting tactics. This social media savvy guy live-tweeted his stepson attempting to sneak his booty call out of the hose without anyone knowing. There were some snags along the way to say the least. Check out this hilarious thread of the events that…MORE

BritWeek 2018 Innovation & Creativity Awards - Arrivals

Why Is Gordon Ramsay Rocking A Phantoms Jersey?!

(Photo Cred: Prphotos.com) Gordon Ramsay looks good in that Phantoms jersey. But why is he wearing it. That’d be because an Allentown restaurant will be appearing on the second season of Ramsay’s show “Gordon Ramsay’s 24 Hours To Hell And Back”. Fox just released the trailer for the episode on the Shanty at 19th, and…MORE

"Avengers: Infinity War" Los Angeles Premiere - Arrivals

MARVEL Studios Release The Trailer For “Avengers: Endgame” [VIDEO]

(Photo Cred: Prphotos.com) Earlier this week, MARVEL Studios got people riled up with the release of the new trailer for “Captain Marvel”. That looks amazing. Today MARVEL released the first trailer for the new Avengers film. Here are some of the best reactions. The trailer is below too!     It’s here! Watch the avengers…MORE

"Avengers: Infinity War" Los Angeles Premiere - Arrivals


(Photo Cred: Prphotos.com) In the first teaser trailer, you may have wondered, “what is Captain Marvel doing beating up an old lady?”, right? Well in this new trailer it makes a lot more sense. Brie Larson is totally bad ass as Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel in this the brand new trailer for  MARVEL STUDIOS’…MORE


Snow Camel Is The Best Thing To Come Out Of The Snow Storm

(Photo cred: Daniela Castro on Unsplash) So we all know how ridiculously insane that snow storm was on Thursday. I mean we were only supposed to get a few inches. Instead of that, we were hit with closer to 8 inches. It took hours for people to just drive a few miles, but the best thing that happened…MORE


PlayStation Classic Announced!!

(Photo Cred: Mike Meyers on Unsplash) Brilliant move Sony! Nintendo struck gold when they released the NES Classic and SNES Classic, and now Sony plans to cash in by announcing the PlayStation Classic! The original PlayStation was my first gaming system. It holds a special place in my heart, so you better believe I am getting my hands…MORE