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A Beer Made With Baseball Bats?!

Baseball and beer go well together, but baseball bats IN beer? Yeah, not so sure about that. (Photo Cred: Thinkstock.com)


Terrapin Beer Company in Athens Georgia have teamed up with the Atlanta Braves and Mizuno, and made a new IPA they call the "Chopsecutioner" that is made using the wood shavings from Mizuno bats! I really want to try this beer, but as of now it looks you will only be able to get this brew at Atlanta Braves' home games.


There's no patent on this idea, so you know what I'm thinking? The IronPigs need to team up with a local LV brewery and create their own version of the Chopsecutioner. I'm just saying *cough*, Weyerbacher *cough*, Funk *cough*, Fegley's *cough*, Hijinx.