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Hayley Williams Revealed Why She Went Blonde


You may have noticed that Hayley Williams no longer has her iconic bright colored hair but why the change? (Photo Cred: Prphotos.com)


Since Paramore first burst on to the scene back in 2007, lead singer Hayley Williams has always rocked brightly colored hair from purple to green to her best known look red or orange. Williams even has her own hair dye company, Good Dye Young. If you look at Hayley today, she's toned down her look. Fans have definitely wondered what happened to her hair, well now we know.

 Williams recently revealed in an interview with Racked magazine why she chose to tone it down. Hayley said " I needed to see myself as someone other than the girl in the articles, the girl on the back of the CD" She also said it was part of a healing process.