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Arctic Monkeys Confirm New Music Is On The Way

Yes! Finally the Arctic Monkeys have confirmed it. There WILL be a new Arctic Monkeys album... in 2018. (Photo Cred: Prphotos.com)


Okay so it's not exactly what Matt Helders told a fan back in August, but according to NME.com, it looks like that new album will be ready early 2018.


It's about time. Yes Alex Turner was working on his side project with The Last Shaddow Puppets and Matt Helders was touring with Iggy Pop, so it would have been hard to put something together during that time. But now that Matt isn't touring anymore, and The Last Shaddow Puppets most likely won't be doing any new music, now is the perfect time to get back in the studio and work on the follow up to their 2013 Brit Award winning, AM that gave us hits like 'Do I Wanna Know', 'R U Mine', 'Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High' and more, no pressure. Do you think they'll work with Josh Homme again?