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It's Matt Skiba's Fault Fyre Festival Was Cancelled

And apparently he's a witch... (Photo Cred: Prphotos.com)


Remember Fyre Festival? It was supposed to be awesome, and it was anything but. Well, it turns out blink-182 guitarist and Alkaline Trio frontman might bear some of the blame.


According to SPIN magazine, Skiba said he considered himself a pagan and a witch.  "With every inch of my energy I wanted Fyre not to happen. I put all the electricity and energy in my body against that thing happening. Must've worked"


So what is it with crazy people being in blink? He could have been joking, but what a weird thing to say, right.  The real reason they pulled out of Fyre Festival was because of technical and logistical purposes, but who knows, maybe Skiba's witchcraft really did turn it into Dumpster Fyre Fest.