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Jack White Turned His Tax Return In On Vinyl & Announced New Documentary

This is definitely a very Jack White thing to do. (Photo Cred: Prphotos.com)


Rock & Roller, taxidermist, and upholsterer, Jack White decided that this year when filing his tax return he would do it in a less orthodox way and actually turned it on VINYL.


CLICK HERE FOR THE WHOLE STORY ( By the way, this is a joke)


This however is not a joke. White also has a new documentary about music in the 1920's, called American Epic. The 3 part doc which features many other famous musicians including Elton John and Nas, will air on PBS May 16. Mark your calendars. You can watch the trailer below. 



Jack also owns a basbeball bat company, well... part owner.  We know, weird right? Check out the song he wrote for fellow part owner and Detroit Tiger Ian Kinsler. It's called Battle Cry. It's his walk up song in the MLB.