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Riley Reed hails from the SOUTH, but don’t hold that against him. He’s a pretty cool guy. and before you ask, yes he knows about the other Riley Reid (notice the spelling). 

Riley and his wife Rochelle enjoy playing with their dog, Gunther, the unofficial mascot of Spin Radio 107-1. He loves checking out festivals, going to concerts, IronPigs’ games, Phantoms games, and eating some wings and drinking an IPA while watching his favorite sports teams( NFL: Bills, NHL: Sabres, MLB: Yankees, NCAAB: VCU Rams, his alma mater). Riley also loves checking out local bands and artists. Some of them end up becoming Homegrown Spin artists/bands.

Some of Riley’s current favorite artists are: Bleachers, Bastille, The Killers, Queens Of The Stone Age​, Arctic Monkeys, The Black Keys, FOALS, Young The Giant, Childish Gambino, , X Ambassadors, Royal Blood, Gary Clark Jr., Chris Stapleton, Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats (what a name), Kaleo, Cage The Elephant, and Judah & the Lion. 

All-time faves include: OAR, Boston, Dave Matthews Band, Justin Timberlake, Dirty Heads, The Doobie Brothers, The Who, Eric Clapton, Led Zeppelin, Metallica, Foo Fighters, and of course, The Beatles.

Watercooler Talk

57th International Lions Festival - Facebook Seminar with Mark Zuckerberg

The “BLR” Crew Dub The Mark Zuckerberg Congressional Hearing [VIDEO]

(Photo Cred: I love the “Bad Lip Reading” videos so much. The NFL ones are probably my favorite. Well the BLR crew are back once more to give us more magic. They really outdid theirselves on this one. They dubbed some of the Mark Zuckerberg congressional hearing. I mean the hearing itself was already…


Really? Avengers Themed Sex Toys?!

(Photo Oh boy, just what everyone wants, Avengers themed sex toys. Wait, no. We don’t want this, at all. To be completely honest I am kind of surprised these didn’t already exist. Anyway if you really want to spice it up in the bedroom you could try these “Indulger: Pleasure War” toys, because do you…



Oh yes! 90’s kids rejoice, your favorite purple dragon is making a comeback!   (Photo Cred: Last year, Activision released a remastered “Crash Bandicoot” for PS4. This year it appears that “Spyro The Dragon” will be remastered for PS4, too! There had been rumors about this for a while, but the rumors were basically…


Is SEGA Making A Comeback???

We’ve seen a revival in old video game systems lately, could SEGA be the next one to rise from the dead?   We love retro stuff don’t we? I mean we go nuts for this kind of thing. Just look at how successful the releases of the NES and SNES classics were, or when PS4…


New Netflix Series For You To Binge “Everything Sucks”

If you love the 90s, you will love “Everything Sucks”   90s kids gather ’round. There’s a new show coming to Netflix, next Friday (February 16th) called “Everything Sucks”. Some are saying it may be Netflix’s next “Stranger Things”; I don’t see that. I think it’s way more similar to “Freaks and Geeks”. It does…


The Philadelphia Eagles Are Super Bowl Champs!!!

They did it! They finally did it! The “Under Dogs” are now Top Dogs.   What an exciting game! I don’t know about you, but I for one could have totally done without Chris Collinsworth’s thirst for Tom Brady. This was one the best Super Bowls ever played. It set a new record for most…


This Uber Driver In Philly Filmed Eagles Fans NSFW [VIDEO]

How many times do you think he heard “E-A-G-L-E-S, EAGLES”?   This Uber driver thought it would be fun to film the Eagles fans who chose to ride in his car this past weekend. The results are pretty great! Watch below. They;re’s definitely some f-bombs in here, so it’s best to plug your headphones in.…


WATCH The Trailer For Marvel’s “Ant-Man and the Wasp”

THIS. LOOKS. AWESOME!   Disney and Marvel studios just released the trailer for their third and final movie of 2018 and it looks really good. Check out the trailer for “Ant-Man and the Wasp”     And you know what else looks good? Black Panther! They just had the priemier last night, and people are…


Yards Brewing Co. Is Betting Big On The E-A-G-L-E-S!!

Place your bets, people   It’s becoming a pretty common thing as of recently, where breweries from the Super Bowl team’s cities make bets with each other. This year it’s no different. Philadelphia’s own Yards Brewing Company has placed a wager pertaining to next Sunday’s game! They have made a bet with Boston based brewery…


Ice Cream Filled Doughnuts Are Magical, And I Need One Now

What do you get when you mix two of the best foods together? An ice creamed filled doughnut, that’s what.    Yes a bakery in Los Angeles introduced this new sweet, and the people are loving it. Warm on the outside, cold on the inside.     Now here’s the real question: Which bakery in…

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