A Dog Friendly Movie Theater?

Photo by Mark Zamora on Unsplash


I know my wife feels super guilty whenever we go somewhere without our little beagle Gunther. She even feels bad about going out to see a movie and leaving him alone too long. Well if we lived in Plano, Texas, this wouldn’t be a problem because they have a movie theater where dogs are welcome! It’s called K9 Cinemas, and the owner specifically made for dog owners. The even cooler thing is they don’t bleed you dry for tickets. I mean $15 is pretty close to what a regular ticket costs at the big movie theaters AND you can bring your dog. Before you get too excited, there’s only one of these from what I’m aware of. But I think this would be a great idea to franchise! On the other hand I am thinking about how many scenes I’d miss in the movie because G-Man has to go…AGAIN!


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