YESSSS!!! Weezer Made A Music Video For Their Cover Of “Take On Me”

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Wow, Weezer must listen to Spin Radio. Here’s why, back when the band released their cover of Toto’s “Afirca”, Riley Reed suggest they continue to do covers and should definitely cover A Ha “Take On Me”. In January, Weezer dropped The Teal Album an album full of covers, and yes “Take On Me” was one of those covers. After they released the album, Riley said they should do a cover of the iconic music video for “Take On Me” and look what we have here! A music video for “Take On Me”! Coincidence? You be the judge.


All joking aside Weezer have released a music video for “Take On Me”. It’s got it’s own story while still alluding to the iconic 80’s video using that sketch style in the video a few times. You also may recognize who plays a young RIvers Cuomo in the music video. It’s Finn Wolfhard who plays Mike on Netflix’s “Stranger Things”! His band Calpurnia is featured in the video as well. You can watch the whole thing below!