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  • New Music From Dan Auerbach's The Arcs

    The Arcs have released another new track, which will appear on their Black Friday, limited-edition collection. "Young" was written with the Silver Jews' David Berman, and is one of six songs on The Arcs vs. the Inventors Vol. 1... (Photo Cred: PrPhotos.com) Read More
  • This Isn't a Dream: Coldplay Debut Two New Songs

    Coldplay had a busy weekend, playing three new songs off their upcoming album A Head Full of Dreams at a Los Angeles performance. The band played "Amazing Day" and debuted both the title track, "A Head Full of Dreams" and "Up&Up"... (Photo Cred: PrPhotos.com) Read More
  • New Music From Cage The Elephant - "Trouble"

    Cage The Elephant are getting into the Thanksgiving mood early. The band released another new track off their upcoming album called "Trouble." The song follows last month's lead single "Mess Around"... (Photo Cred: PrPhotos.com) Read More
  • Foo Fighters Give Us New EP: "Saint Cecilia"

    The countdown is finally over and now we know the big surprise Foo Fighters had for the world! Remember back in October at Austin City Limits when Dave told the audience they had recorded 5 new songs, but then we didn't hear anything after that? Well, today Grohl and company announced a new 5 song EP titled Saint Cecilia. (Photo Cred: PrPhotos.com) Read More

Water Cooler Talk

  • Good News Guys! Now You Can Drink Wine In A Can

    Do you like wine, but don't like how it looks when you drink wine? Holding it in one of those glasses with your pinky out? It feels weird right? Why can't we just drink wine from a can? We already have boxed wine. We should have wine in a can as well. It only makes sense. I mean, it worked on "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia." Why can't they just make wine in a can a REAL thing?  Well your prayers have been answered, because yes, you guessed it... you can now drink wine in a can. Coming to a college campus near you! (Photo Cred: YouTube Screen Shot) Read More
  • Oxford Dictionary's Word Of The Year Is Actually An Emoji

    I've said it before and I'll say it again. I am losing faith in humanity. But I'm kind of a hypocrite on this one. I use emojis all the time when texting or tweeting but I still know they aren't words. Apparently the Oxford Dictionary is not aware of this because they made the "laughing so hard, I'm crying" aka "face with tears of joy" emjoi,  Word Of The Year. SMH. I know, I know. I am a hrpocrite. (Photo Cred: Instagram) Read More
  • The Zoolander 2 Trailer Is Here & It's Everything We Hoped For

    When I first heard that Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson were teaming once more to reprise their roles of the stupidest male models on the face of the earth for Zoolander 2, I got really excited. Probably too excited. Now the trailer is out and it's absolutley amazing. (Photo Cred: YouTube Screen Shot) Read More
  • The Ugly Christmas Sweater Is Dead! It's All About The Ugly Christmas Suit!

    Do you remember a few years back when Hipsters tried to make your grandma's old Christmas sweaters cool because it was 'ironic?' Pretty soon it spread out of the hipster culture and into the mainstream with multiple companies creating new tacky Christmas sweaters. Hell you can buy one of these Sweaters at Target and Walmart. Well I have news for you. The Christmas Sweater is dead. (Photo Cred: Youtube Screen Shot) Read More