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  • Fall Out Boy, AWOLNATION Plan "Wintour"

    Fall Out Boy and AWOLNATION will be joining forces starting in February for a winter tour appropriately dubbed "Wintour." The two bands will play 20 shows together starting February 25... (Photo Cred: PrPhotos.com) Read More
  • UPDATE: Gorillaz Album Coming in 2016

    Gorillaz' co-founders Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett have been wisely keeping their animated band in the headlines throughout 2015, dropping hints that new music was on its way. Hewlett, the artist behind the fictional band, provided the latest update, announcing that a new album from Gorillaz is coming in 2016... (Photo Cred: PrPhotos.com) Read More
  • Full Tracklist Revealed for Montage of Heck: The Home Recordings Album

    Montage of Heck: The Home Recordings is the accompanying album for the documentary about Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain. It has been dubbed as a posthumous solo album since film director Brett Morgem decided to only include Cobain's work, and not any early Nirvana demos... (Photo Cred: PrPhotos.com) Read More
  • Cage The Elephant Announces New Album: "Tell Me I'm Pretty"

    Cage The Elephant is one those bands who are constantly evolving as a band through their style musically and fashion wise, but mainly musically. It's been nearly 3 years since CTE dropped their last album Melophobia, which had a completely different sound compared to Thank You, Happy Birthday. So it's safe to assume that the Kentucky band's next album Tell Me I'm Pretty will have different sound as well, especially since Black Keys frontman Dan Auerbach produced this one! (Photo Cred: Photo Cred:PRPhotos.com) Read More

Water Cooler Talk

  • The Facebook Dislike Button Is Here... Sort Of

    Recently Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg said he planned to give facebook a long overdue dislike button. People were very excited to hear this, and now it is finally here. Well... kind of. (Photo Cred: PRPhotos.com) Read More
  • Moose Fighting Is The Best Thing You Will See Today!

    It's the rut aka moose mating season. Like most animals, the males fight each other to show off for the females. This is probably quite normal in Alaska, but to the 95% of the population that doesn't live in Alaska, moose fighting is extremely rare... and AWESOME! Watch these two moose go at it trying to assert their dominance over the other, all to get laid! Read More
  • Peeple: The App That Let's You Rate And Judge People

    There is a new app set to release next month called Peeple, and it has everyone's panties in a bunch right now. People it's not even out yet? Can we calm down? No. Okay. It was worth a shot. Peeple created by Julia Cordray is essentially Yelp! but instead of judging restaurants and businesses, you judge people. Okay, I can see why people would be upset. I've seen things people say about other people on twitter and facebook and that's bad enough! Now there's a whole app?! I smell trouble! Read More
  • Protein Fortified Beer, The Beer Of The Future: Brewtein and Nutribeer

    Imagine going to the gym and wanting to get your pump on, but you also want to have some beer. But beer and working out don't go together... until now! I introduce you to Supplemental Brewing's Brewtein and Nutribeer, the world's first protein fortified beer. Read More