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  • The Annual 'Madden' Sim Is Out And The Winner of SB50 IS...

    As you are well aware the big game is this Sunday. Denver and Carolina showdown for #SB50. So who's going to win; the Future HOF QB in what could be his last game? Or will it be the young buck QB who is changing the game and has the potential to be in the HOF himself? We don't know, but EA Sport's 'Madden' released their annual simulation of the big game, and they think they know the winner. CLICK HERE to see who they picked! (Photo Cred:YouTube Screen Shot)  Read More
  • This Coozie, The Bevometer, Counts How Many Drinks You've Had So You Don't Have To

    We've all had that night when you have lost count of how many drinks you've had, and before you know it you're blowing a .18 and getting arrested for DUI. But that doesn't have to be the case. Now there is a new coozie called The Bevometer, that actually keeps track of how many drinks you've had. (Photo Cred: YouTube Screen Shot) Read More
  • T.J. Miller In Super Bowl Shock Top Commercial FTW

    T.J. Miller is one of the funniest men on this planet. I still can't believe I got to interview him. You've probably seen Miller in HBO's Silicon Valley where he brilliantly plays Erlich Bachman, or maybe you remember his Hall & Oates cover band in "She;s Out Of My League." He's also in the highly anticipated movie, "Deadpool." So he's been in the movies, TV, and now a Super Bowl ad. Read More
  • There Is An Electric Heated Hoodie And It Shall Be Mine!

    Hoodies are great. I wear them all the time, but rarely do they actually help keep me warm, until now. There is a new hoodie project on KickStarter by Ravean and they have a down jacket and hoodie that are electrically heated! Never again this winter will you have to be cold! Mashable's staff even got to take the hoodie for a test ride! (Photo Cred: Screen Shot) Read More